Academic Colleges

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Sac State Academic Colleges


College of Arts and Letters
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The College of Arts and Letters (A&L) brings together programs in the arts and humanities. A&L serves over 3,700 undergraduate majors and 550 graduate students with courses and programs run by 180 tenure-track faculty and over 200 part-time faculty. The arts and humanities are inherently worthwhile in that they seek to elucidate the human condition and the rich variety of human expression, so they are beneficial to students and to the community at large. Values and ideas should inform and drive social, political and economic agendas. A&L seeks to lead the university and the community regarding the content, approach and experience of a university education. A&L teaches skills in service of ideas, creativity, and insightful discourse.

College of Business Administration
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The College of Business Administration (CBA) develops engaged, responsible, and inclusive leaders who enrich communities. CBA’s fundamental goal is to cultivate excellence in CBA graduates. CBA develops business leaders possessing top management skills and a broad understanding of their responsibilities to business and community. CBA aspires to be the educational backbone of the Sacramento business community and an active force in creating a better future.

College of Continuing Education
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The College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sacramento State has been offering courses, seminars and workshops since 1957. Although times have changed since CCE was founded, CCE remains committed to serving the community through higher education. Whether students are interested in exploring just one course or enrolling in an entire degree or certificate program, CCE is here every step of the way to ensure the student finds the center of their success.

College of Education
(916) 278-6639

The College of Education offers a diverse, comprehensive, and profession-driven curricula for today’s educators. As a comprehensive college, the College of Education collaborates with the professional communities in preparing educators, leaders, and Deaf service providers to serve as agents of positive social change. The College of Education gives access to professional careers for students with diverse identities and backgrounds and contributes to their personal growth. The College of Education provides informed advice and applied research services to the local educational community.

College of Engineering and Computer Science
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The College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) is California’s engine powering the drive to a better world. ECS students are immersed in diverse learning environments in which they have opportunities to design, build and analyze, for example, race cars, biomedical devices, computer algorithms, smart phone applications, bridges, zero-net-energy homes, and micro-controllers. ECS faculty challenge their students to explore ways to combine fundamental scientific principles with creativity to make the world a better place in which to live. ECS graduates are prepared to be the leaders in the advancement of technological solutions to some of society’s greatest problems.

College of Health and Human Services
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The College of Health and Human Services includes the School of Nursing, the Divisions of Criminal Justice and Social Work, and the Departments of Kinesiology and Health Science, Physical Therapy, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration, and Communication Sciences and Disorders. The academic programs in the College meet 15 sets of external accreditation and licensing standards and are recognized for quality, currency, and innovation. The faculty and staff are committed to student success, which is one of the primary values of our mission. The mission of the College is to provide quality academic programs that educate and empower students, serve and enrich diverse communities, promote well-being, and inform policy and best practices. The College has a significant impact on the delivery of health and human services in the Sacramento region and beyond, with more than 40,000 alumni and more than 7,000 current students.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
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The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) is home to six academic departments – Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics & Statistics, and Physics & Astronomy – that collectively offer 13 majors, 6 minors, and 5 Master’s programs. Two hallmarks of the NSM’s degree programs are hands-on learning experiences and interaction with professors. Through its courses, research opportunities, internships, and strong student support programs, the college prepares students for successful and fulfilling careers in STEM fields where they can contribute to knowledge and help solve societal problems.

The college is excited for the fall 2019 opening of the new Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex, which will include 30 new biology and chemistry laboratories, a planetarium, and a new home for the university’s observatory.

College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
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The College of Social Sciences an Interdisciplinary Studies (SSIS) has a long history of involvement in social policy-oriented scholarship and instruction. That history, and the college’s current roster of talented researchers and instructors, has placed SSIS at the forefront of the university’s efforts to diverse community needs, consistent with the stated values of the University’s efforts to diverse community needs, consistent with the stated values of the university’s strategic plan. Many of these efforts are channeled through centers and institutes that are under the college’s purview.