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Sacramento State RHA

RHA & Hall Councils


Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA is the student government and student voice for the 2100 residents living on campus. RHA is committed to developing leadership, honoring diversity, recognizing achievement, as well as stimulating engagement and involvement among students who reside in the residence halls. RHA coordinates a variety of open forums and events throughout the year providing residents with opportunities to engage intellectually and connect socially to their community.

Hall Councils

Every residence hall has its own ‘Hall Council’ which folds under the RHA umbrella. Hall councils are a great way to develop leadership skills and become involved within the residence hall community. Hall Councils help coordinate events, hold meetings and increase school spirit and pride. Hall Councils also have voting right within RHA.

Sacramento State Hall Council

RHA, hall councils, and resident advisors all coordinate events for residents. Events can be designed for smaller communities within a floor or residence hall, or events for the entire housing community. Some of the larger complex events include:

Move-In Day Movie

After a busy day of moving in, RHA shows a feature film on the housing quad. Families and friends are welcome to join!

Block Party

In collaboration with the Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI), a festive celebration is hosted on the housing quad. Live music, activities, and giveaways make this program a memorable and fun experience!

American River Clean Up

In partnership with the American River Parkway Foundation, residents and the campus community come out in full force to help keep the American River landscape beautiful and safe!

Spring Break Fest

As students get ready for spring break, RHA and the campus Health & Wellness program invite students to prepare for spring break with giveaways, tips, and fun!

Multicultural Fair

Celebrating the richness of our student population, this fair brings campus organizations together around food, music, dance, and other celebratory activities.

Speak Up for Social Justice

From art to music to spoken poetry, students gather to showcase their talents in speaking out for social justice and inclusion!